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Fruit spreads & raspberry vinegar


We've always wanted oneown fruit spreaddo it Yourself. But it's that simple gar 
not, we noticed at the beginning: jam or jam or fruit spread, was 
because now??? And then vinegar... Theattention to detaildoesn't make the decision that easy.our mission: but it was clear: we remain true to our principles: real organic, the best taste counts, absolutely 
from our own fruits, only regional, German ingredients, because we want to know the origin,selbst 
cook by hand
, all inDemeter quality, in thecopper cauldronfor keeping all fruity 
fragrance notes. A little tinkering, and the strawberry fruit spread is ready! Oops, so not 
Enough, we wanted that one without pieces of fruit, so "happens" as more
crowning taste.Pure enjoyment!The same with raspberries and blackberries. On top of that came  
the rhubarb as a flavor variant. And the assortment is complete. It will inspire you. 
We cook ourselves with feeling and loveseasoned, we won't let that happen 
take. It is important to use a sense of proportion when stirring in order to choose the right moment for the fragrance 
feel just before bottling. That's the copper cauldroncentral heartincluded. As everywhere in der 
processing of sophisticated aromas, you have to pay attention to this detail here too. 
The copper preserves the original life force. We finally have this enchantmentim 
glass captured
, for us and for you, we want the happiness of this fascination with everyone 
sharing senses. From our own farm fields, finely conserved in a glass to your home. The ingredients 
are on the back, but the way of preparation remains a little secret. 


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