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We are keen to preserve and preserve all organic resources:soil, climate, flora and fauna
It is not enough just to talk, you also have to act accordingly. Our philosophy is quite clearly the gentlest treatment of nature. Bio begins in your own head and 
continues on into the power of the soil. Caring for it is the beginning of all success and blessing 
for our work. The responsibility to work together is the secret of our 
action. An understanding of the circular economy of nutrients for truly sustainable crop rotations
brings stable health and is protection for our soil and homeland. We get the 
Basis of life for further generations in the future, so that our children also have a valuable 
allowed to enjoy life. This path of nature conservation can only be followed ecologically together.
The real organic needs the healthy oneFloor: it should be alive and rich in humus.worms
andmicroorganismscan be consciously "feed" with the right crop rotation. Correctly executed 
they actually do all the work and not us farmers. They prepare the roots the necessary 
nutrientand make the soil loose and airy. We're just watching and enjoying it
harmony of this natural process. The result is a healthy little plant with fruit 
magnificent aroma. TheHealthwhich is a testimony of this functioning harmony. Should 
However, if adversaries such as pests want to intervene in a disruptive manner, we use them in a targeted mannerbeneficialsagainst you 
a. It is breathtaking what the helpers, who can hardly be seen with the naked eye, can do. Schon 
after a few days the little animals can finish off the troublemaker such as mites and lice 
prepare. That really requires a lot of expertise and intuition. On chemical synthetic pesticides 
we refrain of course. Every row, almost every plant must be carefully checked individually 
are checked for diseases, pests, water balance, room temperature, leaf color, 
Root growth, soil condition, weeds, frost, storms, heat stress. Leave like a mother 
like our children the plants grow up on their own, but they always need hints how to 
himself to his ownLuckto be able to help. Sooo much knowledge, hard to put into words, e.g. was 
you need to know everything about the development cycles of malware when the risk of damage 
threatened and a decision has to be made, the "damage threshold" and whether the beneficial insects es 
can manage to defeat the pests or not. You are sometimes wrong and little
works according to plan, but that's just part of it. Extensive training and further education help 
us to the skill where we just let nature take care of itself.biodiversityand 
biodiversityare natural for a varied nature, especially for the so 
importantinsects. Help us to pollinatebees and bumblebees. This tireless 
hard-working helpers fly over all flowers and thus create the basis for fruit formation. 
Our beekeeper Rainer is an experienced specialist, without him and his workers we would hardly be 
harvest anything. Only more ecologicalfertilizercomes to our fields: the farm's ownDamnis from 
to ourselvescompostprocessed and thus returned to the soil. Without this die 
Don't plant out. Making the compost yourself is a higher art der 
nutrient utilizationin the recycling economy and also distinguishes us in particular. The stream 
comes for the most part from self-producedsolar powerfrom the roof: 100% green electricity! 
The goal is to use as little energy as possible and achieve future energy neutrality. Short 
Transport routes and tight supply chains reduce theCO2 emissionsper kg or per bowl of fruit. In 
we attach great importance to marketingrecyclable materialslike cardboard. Gentechnik 
we reject. 

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